Vives Azulejos y Gres is one of the first ceramic companies in Spain to provide its products in Building Information Modeling (BIM) modeling. Building Information Modeling is a working methodology to manage construction projects in a collaborative way that implies a new way of coordinating the different teams involved.

BIM methodology facilitates the work of professionals in architecture, engineering and construction. This new way of working allows everyone to share all the information, characteristics, and technical data of the components in the project during its life cycle, all in real time, and also it allows the interaction between all agents that have an influence and therefore reducing costs.

Vives offers its products as BIM files so that they can be implemented in future architectural projects using this methodology, which will be mandatory in all public projects in Spain soon. BIM files are available to be download from Vives website and this includes all the product technical data (type of material, specifications and manufacturing characteristics, chemical resistance, certificates, etc.) and also its graphic representation and physical characteristics.

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