Dallas, Texas -- Daltile was voted number one for the 18th year in a row in the “ceramic tile” category in the 2018 BUILDER Brand Use Study. The annual survey, sponsored by BUILDER magazine, measures builders’ brand preferences across dozens of product categories. In the “ceramic tile” category, Daltile ranked first in “familiarity,” “used in past two years,” “most used” and “quality ranking.”

“When it comes to material choices, the professional building community is rightfully vocal about their preferences,” said Dan Butterfield, general manager of the builder channel for Dal-Tile Corp. “A lot is at stake when they are working on projects. Their professional reputations, whether they can meet tight deadlines and the quality of the final product is all tied to their names, making their choice of materials essential to their personal brand, as well as the future of their careers.”

“At Daltile, we take pride in being voted number one by the builder community for these reasons,” Butterfield added. “Knowing builders heavily rely on our brand for their livelihood, is an honor and a privilege. Over the years, we have proudly built a strong rapport on which our customers can find confidence and security. We are devoted to maintaining this legacy of excellence and setting our customers up for professional success for years to come.”

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