At the CCA Global summer convention in Montreal, Piet Dossche, USFloors’ president and Shaw’s executive vice president of hard surfaces, took to the stage wearing red pants. In a sea of conservative blues, grays and blacks, red is a very strong color. Bold and exciting, it is unique in the way that every shade of red evokes a similar reaction: attention. Pants themselves also have a dominant attitude. We are all familiar with the concept of “wearing the pants” in relationships or situations, and the same goes for the retail space. 

“Be the retailer in your area that’s wearing the red pants,” Dossche told CCA members. “Make the difference. The red pants are symbolic. It’s about making a difference.” 

There are many ways retailers can make a difference, he said. First and foremost, do not compromise on quality product—make sure you know what you’re buying. “Become the experts in your market,” Dossche said. “Surround yourself with the right people. Ask for training from your suppliers. Declutter your store. Make your showroom beautiful.”

Innovative design and quality craftsmanship set up dealers to sell at high margins and make money. Just like the idea of stain-resistant carpet took ahold of the market in the 90s, waterproof luxury vinyl floors are the genie that is out of the bottle today. 

“This is a very, very exciting period for us in our industry when you have something new,” Dossche said. “Don’t screw it up! Don’t screw it up! Don’t break margins on this product. Buy it right and sell it high.” 

Speed of innovation, savvy marketing ideas and thoughtful business practices are helping to create a red-hot flooring market. In this issue, we cover a lot of opportunities for retailers to be the red-pants-wearing people they are intended to be. Danielle Clair Simpson writes about the future of carpet and how innovation is adding more value for the consumer and bottom lines. Irene Williams, marketing expert and owner of Msg2mkt, talks about how to approach digital marketing for multi-location retailers. In Contractor’s Corner, Randy Sexton, president of Commercial Flooring Services, offers an insightful view about how his company overcame embezzlement. And of course, we have summer convention wrap-ups, which offer a peek into what’s creating the biggest buzz and making the most money for dealers across the United States and Canada. 

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