Burns, Tenn. -- In light of the Trump Administration’s recent implementation of tariffs on Chinese-made goods, many companies have announced price increases. American OEM and Hearthwood Floors want to reassure customers that the company has no plans to increase the price of any products as a reaction to these tariffs.

All flooring manufactured in the company’s Tennessee facility is 100% American-made and is therefore exempt from import tariffs and any upcoming anti-dumping duties that may be announced in January of 2018. The products made in its Paraguay facility will also remain at current pricing, as they are exempt also from these tariffs and duties.

“We started American OEM as a domestic alternative to foreign sourced private level programs with their long lead times and exposure to trade uncertainties. We have additional capacity and welcome all inquiries,” said Don Finkell, CEO and founder of American OEM.

American OEM/Hearthwood is committed to maintaining current customer pricing, while continuing to provide wood of the highest possible quality, design, and value.

For more information, visit www.americanoem.com or www.hearthwoodfloors.com.