South Jordan, Utah -- New features, new products, and new connections are being showcased by flooring software company, QFloors, at The International Surfaces Event (TISE) in Las Vegas.

“2019 is going to be a very exciting year for us,” said Chad Ogden, president. “We have vanguard innovations happening on multiple fronts.”

The company recently unveiled a fresh look and feel to their legacy QFloors business management software. In addition, they continue to add features and customers to QPro POS+ -- a 100% browser-based cloud software.

“We’re seeing a lot of excitement over POS+,” Ogden said. “Starting at only $40 per month, it makes efficiency and productivity possible for dealers who perhaps in the past felt they couldn’t afford software.”

Another upcoming QFloors release is the Instant Order Status feature. Ogden explains, “Think about how often you call a supplier, asking for an ETA update on materials. We’re currently working closely with our fcB2B partners to provide electronic real-time updates on orders. With this new B2B feature, all you do is click a button for instant status reports. It appears Shaw and Engineered Floors will be the first manufacturers to partner with us on this, and QFloors will be the first software company offering it to users. We’re making great progress and I hope to have it for QFloors customers very soon.”

Other new offerings recently released by QFloors include enhanced commercial features, as well as a new business reporting product, QView. QView is customizable, interactive software that allows owners to see vital business reports, in real time, at a glance, via easily-understood charts and graphs. It is a browser-based dashboard tool, so can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

In addition, QFloors has announced several new partnership API connections with other software products specializing in services such as lead management, payroll, customer reviews, measuring, and more. This allows QFloors customers an array of additional services and options that will work compatibly with their QFloors software.

“The reason QFloors exists is to save dealers time and money, pure and simple,” said Ogden. “All of our new developments, whether it be a new product, a new feature, or a new API or B2B connection, are aimed at those goals.”

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