Vital Design, a digital marketing agency, has found an office space within a historic building in the heart of historic downtown Portsmouth, N.H. Vital Design was looking for the perfect flooring installation to tie the various interior design elements together—both in terms of the overall aesthetic and also in relation to the agency’s eccentric branding efforts and love of the color orange. Parterre provided the perfect vinyl flooring solution for this growing digital company.

Finding a way to strike a balance between preservation and enhancement of the existing conditions of a historic building proved an obstacle for this office space renovation. The space featured a mix of brick walls and new drywall—meaning the flooring chosen would need to be versatile enough to mesh with the old and the new. Vital Design, a growing company that often hosts in-office events, needed a flooring solution durable enough to withstand a heavy flow of foot traffic, as well as the usual wear and tear during the winter months in New England. And lastly, the timing of the renovation project was accelerated to the extent that any flooring installation would need to be swift and efficient.

Working with Vital Design’s internal creative team, Parterre’s flooring specialists determined the best way to balance the many design elements of the existing and new space was to focus on a single color schematic and then implement various plank vinyl flooring products. Luckily for Vital Design, the color orange was relatively easy to design around, which is why it was ultimately decided that the color grey would be the foundation for all flooring applications. In addition to its design flexibility, Parterre’s luxury vinyl flooring product proved to be the perfect pairing for Vital Design’s renovation project due to its resilience, ease of maintenance, and superior durability. Lastly, Parterre’s luxury vinyl flooring installation was a simple process that required little more than a straight edge and a utility knife which meant a seamless application process with little to no disruption during business hours.

Another unique element of Vital Design’s renovation project was the application of Parterre’s vinyl flooring product to various walls found throughout the new space. This type of application allowed for a more compelling wall feature—something regular paint just can’t accomplish. It also enhanced the space two-fold, making each room it was applied to appear larger.

When the project was completed, Vital Design’s new 8,000-square foot space featured a stylish and sleek array of Parterre luxury vinyl flooring product. The LVT proved so popular that it was also used in other areas of the 24,000-square foot commercial office building.

“Parterre’s luxury vinyl flooring helped us achieve an eclectic, yet natural aesthetic in our new space,” said Zac Gregg, founder and managing partner at Vital Design. “I was impressed with just how many design options there were to choose from. I’m also consistently impressed with just how durable and easy to maintain the new floors are.”

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