As a publisher and editor, I’m interested in storytelling. Stories are the glue that connect us. No matter your age, profession or background, you have a story to tell, and your voice offers a unique filter that allows others insight into your life and experiences. 

In this month’s issue, we talk about how to sell resilient flooring. For many retail sales associates and consumers, it’s a complicated subject with too many styles, options, features and benefits. Upon speaking with industry leaders marketing the category, one constant stood out: keep the story simple. While we in the flooring business love to get swept up in mil layers, wear layers, composition and any other number of technical attributes, the retail sales associate and the consumer don’t give a hoot. For the consumer, they need a floor that’s going to perform to their lifestyle needs, and it’s the RSA’s job to guide them in selecting the floor that is right for their space and living needs. 

Cathey Gundlach-Links, vice president of merchandising at CCA Global Partners, offered the following advice for dealers selling the category. A great way to start to understand your customers’ needs is by asking questions. The right questions will provide the perfect road map to help guide your customer through the sea of options and arrive at flooring she will love for the years to come.

  1. What is your style? Flooring is fashion for the floor from which all other elements are created. Understanding and learning your customers personal style is important when helping them navigate the samples in the showroom. Prepare yourself with questions that can help determine your customer’s vibe…rustic, contemporary, tradition, modern, this will help direct you to the best choices to start the journey to find her perfect floor.
  2. Do you have pets and kids? Active homes are perfect settings for luxury vinyl with waterproof, pet proof and kid proof guarantees. Understanding the active levels in her world will not only help guide you to the proper wear layer but also construction such as solid core versus fusion core.
  3. Where in the home are you looking to update? Kitchens and baths are ideal areas for a waterproof product. With the amazing array of styles from stone to wood – the only limitation is your customer’s imagination! Luxury vinyl is easy to maintain so cooking in the kitchen, splashing in the bath and muddy footprints messes are no stress at all!