Since entering the industry as an e-commerce flooring company just a few years ago, Revel Woods has been challenging the norm and modernizing the sales process of hardwood flooring. In its latest collaboration with Eddie Bauer, the saga continues as Revel Woods is shifting to a more fashion-forward mindset.

If a space is your outfit, the floors are your shoes, says John Dupra, co-founder of Revel Woods. Like fashion, Dupra says wood flooring is much more than just a commodity, as the retail price of designer clothing is not purely based on just materials, labor and logistics, but several other intangibles such as design, reputation and status.

“It’s similar messaging as they have to be both fashionable as well as functional, said Dupra. “I’ve never met Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo, but I’d guess they don’t see their products as commodities. We shouldn’t either.”

“ [Fashion designers] don’t see their products as commodities. We shouldn’t either.”

– John Dupra

It is that mindset that led Revel Woods to a partnership with the premium active outdoor lifestyle brand for the company’s third collaboration. “Eddie Bauer is certainly the largest company we have collaborated with so far,” said Dupra. “Having said that, the size of the company isn’t what’s most important to us. Any company we work with absolutely has to align with our values, and after several conversations with the wonderful people in Bellevue, Wash., that alignment became clear pretty quickly.”

From its iconic name in the fashion industry, quality products and sustainable practices, Revel Woods focused on what makes the Eddie Bauer name and its products special, recognized and respected, and incorporated those characteristics into the Eddie Bauer Adventure Collection.

“Eddie Bauer has very strict standards for anything that is going to carry their name,” said Dupra. “The product needed to be completely responsibly sourced both socially and environmentally. It needed to perform to their brand standards—remember, this is a company that outfitted the first American that climbed Mt. Everest, so those standards are pretty high—and it needed to look amazing.”

Based on the long history of American sourcing, environmental practices, labor consideration and safety of materials, Revel Woods strictly offers products from North American sources. The Eddie Bauer Adventure no different, the collection, which is responsibly sourced using American materials and labor, uses a zero formaldehyde added glue, and a tough finish that doesn’t sacrifice visual clarity.

The result has been a collaboration well received and recognized by consumers. “This collaboration essentially says to the consumer, ‘Hey, you might not have heard of Revel Woods yet, but you’ve heard of Eddie Bauer, and of all the companies out there, this is whom they’ve chosen to work with’,” said Dupra.

Though Dupra is confident in Revel Woods’ ability and positioning to be the best at selling the right floors to the right people, he recognizes that building a flooring brand in the mind of the consumer is more difficult than some other product categories, as it’s not a repeat product that people have to buy often. “In a way, having us curated by another brand the consumers do know and trust can really help.”

In addition to positive feedback from consumers, the collection has received the ultimate stamp of approval from members of the design community. “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far from both consumers, as well as our interior design partners,” said Dupra. “We’ve even had a few of the interior designers that we work with around the country put it in their own homes. I can’t think of a higher compliment than that.”

Find out how Revel Woods is revolutionizing wood flooring

This collaboration with Eddie Bauer is just another part of Revel Woods’ multi-phased plan to modernize the sales process of hardwood flooring. Though the company got its start in the digital space, Dupra says there’s a strong possibility that brick and mortar retail is in the company’s future, as Revel Woods is currently developing displays and actively talking to companies that currently aren’t selling hardwood flooring, but want to expand their offerings to sell more of the project to better meet customers’ needs and shopping preferences. With the combination of these two well-known brands, Revel Woods looks forward to taking flooring to places it’s never been.