Rochester, N.Y. -- Hardwood ecommerce company Revel Woods is successfully using influencer marketing to get the word out about its business. The company was recently featured on the popular YouTube show, Mr. Kate’s “OMG! We Bought A House!” The video was viewed more than 500,000 times in less than a week.

“We are getting attention from—and getting to work with—people we never would have imagined when we started this journey,” said John Dupra, Revel Woods co-owner. “There has been a lot of interest and support for what we are doing.”

Dupra talked design trade with LuAnn Nigara on the “A Well Designed Business” podcast, a resource for interior design professionals, to talk about Revel Woods’ new program to the trade.

“Most design media usually only mentions flooring briefly and even seem to favor parts of the design that have lesser impact on the space,” Dupra said. “We think with the right attention and presentation that wood flooring can be just as sexy, and we’re seeing a lot of people agree with us.”

Revel Woods was also featured in a webinar hosted by Ivy, a growing community and business management tool built for interior designers, where Dupra discussed how designers can learn the business of hardwood flooring and how to incorporate it into their design services. Topics focused on the supply chain, installation, and what common the common pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

“When we started, admittedly it was difficult to get people to take my call or respond to my email,” Dupra said. “Now, I have people I’ve never met approach me at events and say, ‘I heard/saw you on... What you’re doing is super interesting, I was hoping to get to talk to you!’”

One of these opportunities included the invitation to speak at the Las Vegas Market on a panel discussion at Alder and Tweed Furniture about young business leaders who saw a need in their industry. “These types of opportunities were not presenting themselves before the media exposure,” Dupra said.

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