Think about Harley-Davidson and their amazing following. Harley-Davidson’s branding is so tremendous, their customers have tattoos made with their logo and #1 sign. Do your customers have your logo tattooed on their right bicep?  It’s doubtful. While it may be a little extreme to have people tattoo your brand on their bodies, there are ways to build brand loyalty. I’ll share a few that have worked for Got You Floored.

Coffee Mugs and Beer Glasses. Excellent gifts for potential and existing customers, high quality mugs and glasses provide shelf life and they keep your brand in their hands. We take it a step further and pack them with Hershey’s kisses and wrapped in cellophane. Leaving a parting gift after the measure has closed more sales than we could imagine.  

“WOW fridge”.  When clients visit our showroom, the first thing they are asked is what they would like to drink or eat. We have a glass-front miniature refrigerator in our showroom packed full of water, Coke, Diet Coke, Doritos, Pringles chips, Cheez-Its, Kit Kats, and more. The snacks have our signature red color, which subliminally tells the customer they have visited the right store!

Comfortable Clothing. Giving away apparel is another great way to build your brand. We make running shirts for people. Runners are dedicated. Runners work hard. Runners make money. Runners buy lots of flooring. Runners tell their friends! Therefore, we give away Brooks running gear with our logo pasted on the back. For example, we gave away Brooks long sleeved running shirts 10 years ago and I still see the shirts on people’s backs at the YMCA, on the running trail and at the local parks. It’s a walking, talking billboard.

Conference Room. If you have a facility you are proud of, loan out your conference room to customers to use for meetings. We have property management companies in our conference room almost every week. They get a tour of our state-of-the-art facility and we supply them with coffee and soft drinks all day. This has caught on so well that local associations use our conference room for board meetings. Imagine having all the top decision makers in your target market inside your building for hours. Who do you suppose their loyalty rests with?

Classy Pens. We invest in the best possible pens and put our logo on them. People actually call when they run out of ink and ask for another one. These are not the cheap plastic pens people have drawers full of. They write well, and people guard them with their life.

These are just a few outside-the-box ideas to build your brand. Please email me at to share your amazing ideas. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.