When the team at Invista wanted to turn up the dial on awareness for its Stainmaster brand, they turned to a team of social media influencers who could share personal stories about how they researched and selected flooring for their homes. 

“The heart of our brand is trust,” said Brook Brown, vice president, Stainmaster. “It allows you to live freely in your home and enjoy it. For kids, families, and pets, we want to ensure that we are continuing to earn that trust.” 

Stainmaster recruited 17 influencers to document their floor makeovers, showcasing the journeys on their social media pages, all the while creating a mass of video content and images that Stainmaster is leveraging to boost awareness among consumers.  

The team of influencers, each with a large group of highly engaged followers, include Shannon Ellis of @shannonellis808, Pookie Methachittiphan of @pookie_n, Tarynn Brown of @tarynn_brown, Jess Davis of @carcabaroad, Janna Allbritton of @yellowprairieinteriors, Leanna Laming  of @lifebyleanna, Sara Davis of @sincerelysarad, Tara Thueson of @tarathueson, Nichol Naranjo of @nicholnaranjo, and Liz Rishel of @withinthegrove. 

Invista recently invited the group to Dalton for an influencer summit to learn how carpet gets made, test its stain resistance, and learn about what goes into creating durable luxury vinyl floors. 

“I get inspired by what I see people doing in their homes,” Brown told the influencers at the AC Hotel in Atlanta during the summit. “I also read that if Americans dedicated as much time into reading as they put into social media, each of us would read 200 books a year. That blew me away. I am all in on the influencer thing!”

In 1986, Stainmaster launched its revolutionary stain-resistant technology and became the most recognized carpet brand in America. Today, the brand continues to transform, creating clean, comfortable and protected home surfaces, including innovations in carpet and luxury vinyl. 

“Our brand grew up in the day when there were three networks and we could advertise on those and capture everyone’s attention,” Brown told the influencers. “You are where we capture them now, and that’s really important. When you go to our lab in Dalton, you will see the vigor we put into our certification process—we do not settle for industry standard.”

For more information, visit stainmaster.com.