Mannington Commercial announces the newest collection to its recently updated Xpress Program, the Automata Collection. Developed using the concept of Cellular Automata (CA), the modular carpet collection captures both the simplicity and evolving complexity of the patterns that make up our world. Automata is ideal for office, educational and other commercial interiors that require a visually appealing carpet solution in a quick-ship modular offering.

Originally developed in the 1940s by mathematicians and scientists, CA programs are computational models typically represented by a grid with values (cells) that use very limited input and rules to create extraordinarily complex patterns that also appear simple. CA applications can be found in man-made elements like computer processors and within nature, such as with seashells, which are generated by natural CA.   

Automata’s four styles explore the behavior of CA’s complex patterning to create a fascinating sense of randomness. Available in 18” x 36” size, each style comes in 10 colorways ranging from gray and blue neutrals to varying hues of green.

  • CoDi: A finely textured pattern surfaces through subtle color shifts. This pattern features a 19 oz. weight and Infinity 2 Modular backing.
  • Cryptogram: Random striations of color and tonal contrasts emerge from a background of texture. This pattern features an 18 oz. weight and Infinity 2 Modular backing.
  • Rule 30: A digital design evolves and grows as a color gradient flows across the tiles. This pattern features a 17 oz. weight and Infinity® 2 Modular backing.  
  • Seeds: An all-over textural coordinate that features an 18 oz. weight and Infinity 2 Modular backing.

As the newest addition to Mannington Commercial’s Xpress Program, products within the Automata Collection can be shipped within five business days or less. 

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