Mannington Commercial is introducing the Swell Collection, a modular carpet offering available in a plank format with four coordinating styles. Inspired by nature, along with traditional weaving and knitting techniques, the Swell Collection is purposely designed to bring balance and harmony to workplace, K-12, and higher education environments. 

The collection was born from a member of the Mannington Design Studio during a serene moment along the Maine coastline. Here, nature’s raw beauty, like giant waves crashing against jagged rocks, combine with man-made materials, like a tangle of fishing lines, to create unexpected, yet highly evocative scenes of beauty. Invisible on its own, a gust of wind is given shape when captured in the sails of a boat or rippling across the surface of the sea. The unseen billows become visible, transforming our surroundings into shifting shapes of undulating lines and stippled organic textures, giving way to the foundation for the Swell Collection.

Swell offers four styles of modular planks in complementary neutral tones and bright accents. Each style is available in 18” x 36” size in five colorways and features a 14 oz. weight and Infinity 2 Modular backing.

  • Castline is a medium-scale pattern inspired by undulating lines created within large billowing sails on the waterways.  
  • Colorcast is a medium-scale pattern featuring textual patterning reenergizing the use of color and traditional stripes.
  • Eventide is a small-scale texture pattern inspired by a calm and settled horizon.
  • Hightide is a small-scale pattern showcasing light’s ability to transform a horizon with illuminating hues.

“Swell shows how inspirational moments can be used to create beautiful artwork and then become transformed into a well-crafted product,” said Roby Isaac, Mannington Commercial’s vice president of commercial design. “Our design team captured the essence of something both invisible and powerful and, literally, wove a delicate design concept from it. The result is a collection that adds to our portfolio of purposefully designed products which nicely meets the aesthetic needs for workplace and education environments today.” 

The Swell Collection features Antron Lumena type 6,6 nylon providing enhanced cleanability, performance and appearance retention. High-moisture solutions in backings and adhesives are available for use with this collection offering enhanced performance benefits. The Infinity 2 Modular backing contains recycled content and is certified NSF/ANSI 140 Gold. Product-specific Type III EPD and published HPD are available. This collection boasts a limited lifetime wear and backing warranty, limited 15-year XGUARD Stain Resistance warranty and limited 15-year ColorSafe Bleach Resistance warranty. 

Designers, facility managers and other professionals can learn more about the Swell Collection at: