It’s been an interesting first quarter. The lesson our team has learned is change is inevitable, and we’re better off rolling with the punches, dreaming big, and challenging ourselves to think of new ways to get things done.

In no area was this more obvious than our January and February show season. While the coronavirus made many people stay home, spending days on virtual show platforms instead of planes created an influx of education, in-depth content and networking opportunities. It accelerated the pace of our reporting and required us to figure out how to best—and most efficiently—tell these stories.

We’re hearing similar experiences from leadership across the industry. Instead of business as usual and speeding through to-do lists, most are taking a step back to assess what’s working—and with good reason.

Digital engagement has been on the rise, and this is something that is not going not going away. Amazon, Home Depot and Target report that digital engagement has accelerated by four to five years. Heather Yamada, director of consumer marketing, Shaw Industries, said that 69% of consumers said COVID-19 has elevated their expectations of companies digital capabilities, and 60% of consumers have changed their relationship to technology.

In this issue, see how two majors approached the changing show season. Shaw Floors hosted a successful SFN Live virtually. Retailers had the opportunity to explore a virtual exhibition, complete with video and spokespeople at each booth. A full lineup of education offered insights on consumer data, new products, marketing and merchandising solutions.

Mohawk kicked off a combination of live, in-person events and virtual experiences with its Momentum Roadshow and the Momentum Virtual Showroom. We stopped by the Atlanta roadshow event, where it was a joy to touch and see product in person. In both cases, our team loved the virtual component that allowed us to go back and reference videos and product knowledge again after the main events.