The American Concrete Institute has recently approved three new position statements on the topics of construction volume, public good, and workforce development. The Institute now has a total of twelve position statements on various topics supporting policy positions along with state, federal, and international programs, rules, and regulations.

The three new position statements include:

  • Construction Volume: Creates a favorable environment, domestically and internationally, for increased construction; and more specifically encouraging or creating an environment for increased use of concrete in construction.  This includes development of programs, guidance, and requirements for concrete design and construction to better adapt to current construction industry trends and priorities including but not limited to enhanced life safety, durability, sustainability, and resiliency.
  • Public Good: Establishes appropriate levels of design, construction, repair, and maintenance criteria that provide for life safety, health and welfare of the public, and property protection; and to encourage, where appropriate, engaging ACI and/or the ACI Foundation to facilitate programs and activities related the role of concrete technology in improving the built environment to achieve appropriate levels of life safety, health, and welfare of the public and property protection.
  • Professional and Workforce Development: Support professional development including but not limited to education and credentialing and engage ACI and/or the ACI Foundation to facilitate professional and workforce development programs and activities related to concrete and concrete technology.  Internally, ACI committees continue the development and dissemination of programs, services, and documents for use by firms within the concrete industry to on-board, orient, and advance worker development, including but not limited to accrediting personnel.

The Institute’s position statements are focused on advocacy efforts related to code development and adoption; and future statements may focus on other ACI programs, services, and activities. The process of creating ACI position statements was created by the ACI Board to better allow ACI to actively engage in advocating for ACI code adoption. 

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