World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) announced a new alliance with Savings4Members that will provide members access to complimentary cost cutting services and exclusive discounts on everyday operating expenses.

Backed by CCA Global, Savings4Members is one of the largest member-owned cooperatives in North America and has built a network of over 1.1 million independent businesses by partnering with associations, franchises, and industry groups.

With easy access to over 20 categories of discounts on nationally recognized companies and a team that handles the details for you, the average business using this benefit reduces operating costs by over $14,000 a year.  Available programs include:

  • Credit Card Processing:  Stop losing profit to exorbitant fees with a free cost savings analysis
  • Payroll HR, & Insurance: Reduce HR costs and manage your people better with ADP
  • Uniforms & Facility Services:  Uniform your staff and facility for a fraction of the cost
  • Fuel:  When every drop of gas costs less, every trip earns more.
  • Shipping:  Earn more from every shipment with UPS & YRC
  • Office Supplies:  Get what your business needs for less, online or in-store
  • And many more…

Current members already have access to these valuable programs online or by phone. Simply visit to access your WFCA Savings Page and browse the opportunities available. After submitting your choices, your Savings Team will follow-up to handle any remaining details and activate your exclusive pricing. If you have an existing vendor, consider your Savings Consultant Team a second set of eyes, standing by to ensure you’re getting the best possible rate.

“We are always looking for ways to empower members and add substantial value to WFCA membership,” said Freida Staten, WFCA vice president marketing, communications, and membership. “Savings4Members is an ideal partner for our members as they provide buying power to drive down business costs, trusted vendor programs and unbelievable customer service.”

The Savings4Members program is 100% free for WFCA members. To get started today or to learn more, visit WFCA Savings4Members.