What’s trending in tile? We connected with experts to see the looks and materials that are making the biggest impact among designers for 2021. 

1. A Return to the 1970s

The seventies were known as an era for social justice, environmental movements and economic and political upheaval. We’re seeing these issues echoed again in 2021, and in turn, design is revisiting the bold patterns and colors of the 70s. 

2. Texture

As a counterpoint to slick technology, neutrals are taking center stage through texture. Textured tile emulates the look of natural materials, fabrics, wood and stone to add visual interest and warmth to a space. 

3. Polished Materials

As a counterpoint to matte wood looks, polished tiles add a touch of glam and elegance to spaces. This trend also speaks to consumer’s desire for intensely clean spaces post pandemic. 

4. Geometric Shapes

Consumers want to make their personal style statement, and we’re seeing them do this through the use of geometrics in tile applications. These unique shapes are elevating design and giving homeowners the opportunity to explore design in a new way.

5. Concrete Looks

A subtle, sophisticated nod to modern design, concrete-look tiles combine beautifully with many styles and infuse a space with an industrial edge. 

6. Biophilia

Taking a cue from commercial design, a focus on nature is evident in many tile collections this year and is seen through natural colors, textures and approach to design.