Barberan, a family-owned manufacturer of machinery based in Barcelona, Spain, is partnering with Unilin Technologies and Zeetree, maker of digital inks, coatings and texturing chemistry, to develop digital printing and texturing for rigid board manufacturing. 

In today’s highly competitive global market, the need to reduce inventory costs, to implement just-in-time manufacturing, to meet consumer demands and many other challenges has motivated the development of new digital solutions. Barberan’s advanced digital printing and texturing lines combined with Unilin Technologies’ strong patent portfolio in this field deliver a comprehensive technical solution for decorative rigid board manufacturers, Unilin said. 

“We believe the time was right to join forces with Unilin Technologies," said Eladio Lerga, development engineer at Barberan. "Their early and continued research into this technology resulted in the first and most relevant IP relating to digital printing and texturing. They are a powerful ally and therefore ideally placed to license this technology into the decorative board market."