Mohawk is introducing the next evolution of local advertising. Formerly known as Neighborhood Ad Manager, Edge Local Advertising is a digital advertising program offered exclusively to Edge partners to attract shoppers in store for Mohawk-specific products.

“Mohawk’s Edge Local Advertising makes it easy to capture the consumer online and drive store traffic,” said Janel Hernandez, Mohawk’s director of channel marketing. “And we know it works. Dealers who use Edge Local Advertising report 30 percent more traffic month over month.”

Edge partners have access to Edge Local Advertising, where they receive campaigns that support Mohawk products, brands and national promotions. Retailers have the option to sign up for any campaign and receive a recommended spend based on their location to reach the right customers at the right time.

“Edge Local Advertising offers Edge partners the flexibility to easily advertise on a schedule that makes sense in their markets,” continued Hernandez. “They can focus their digital advertising spends on local customers who are more likely to walk into their stores, ready to make a purchase.”

Retail partners who take advantage of Edge Local Advertising receive access to exclusive brand campaigns through which participants can select from Mohawk, Pergo and Karastan campaigns to execute in their local markets. Landing pages can be added with tracking options to retailers' existing websites.

The new Ad Center platform will connect to co-op, where retailers can sign up for any of Mohawk’s five new advertising tactics.

Based on location, Mohawk will calculate a recommended spend so retail partners get the most for their investment. Store visits can be tracked with audience-based targeting and geo-fencing, and retailers can drive customers to their stores with “near me” listings through paid search and paid social media campaigns. 

Additionally, retailers can manage all their leads in a centralized leads portal.

 For more information about Edge Local Advertising, speak to a local Mohawk sales representative.