When it was initially debuted to the architecture and design community, Definity quickly became a disruptor in the hospitality segment. At the time, its patented capabilities were primarily visual and tactile in nature. While much of its merit was design-focused, the Durkan Hospitality carpet platform’s sustainability attributes were also a key differentiator in the positive impact it could leave on the built environment.

With Mohawk Group’s commitment to The Climate Pledge through its Beyond Carbon Neutral program, the manufacturer remains steadfast in achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040. For this reason, all soft surface styles produced on the Definity platform are now officially 100% carbon neutral with an additional 5% carbon offset. 

Definity integrates precision sculpting technology that is capable of producing the highest definition of multi-level texture, pattern and color ever achieved in high-end hospitality carpet. In contrast to competitors’ products in the marketplace, one of Definity’s many distinguishing characteristics is found at the fiber level. The ColorStrand fiber used to create the platform outclasses wool in every category of sustainability, including embodied carbon emissions, water consumption, and non-renewable energy use.

Proudly manufactured in the United States, Mohawk Group Hospitality’s locally-sourced, domestic production of Definity drastically reduces lead times and lowers carbon emissions in the distribution process compared to imported products. The luxury carpet platform offers one of the largest selections of products that have associated health and environmental transparency documentation; including a Declare label, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Health Product Declaration (HPD), Green Label+, and NSF140 certification. Additionally, Definity products are recyclable at end-of-life through Mohawk’s ReCover program.

“This exclusive carpet manufacturing technology is beyond carbon neutral, beyond Axminster, and ultimately beyond whatever the imagination could dream,” added Duncan. “We come alongside our clients every day to help them create beautiful hospitality interiors – spaces that are designed with the environment and the end user experience not only in mind, but at the forefront of everything we do.”

To learn more and to begin creating the luxury carpet designs of tomorrow today, visit www.MohawkGroup.com/Definity.