Eleven students, a blend of field supervisors and installers, are participating in the Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) one-week intro class to hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) at Pruitt Flooring's training facility in Skinner, Wichita this week. Dwayne Pruitt, owner, and Jonathan Varden, senior manager of training, CFI, are leading the training. 

The training is focused on a number of objectives, including floor prep, acclimation, glue-down, nail down and floating flooring, locking systems, adhesives, transitions and board repair. 

"This class was informative, hands-on and extremely beneficial to our installers and staff," said Karie Owens with NK Installations." The knowledgable instruction, one-on-one training and skills practice was priceless. We walked away equipped and will never look at the flooring industry the same way." 

CFI Training_Pruitt Flooring 2.jpgPhotos: Jonathan Varden.

"It was an absolutely outstanding group," said Pruitt. "I enjoyed watching the progression in the students from their first floor to the last floor they installed. They came a long way and got better with every one. NK Installations brought in a great group of people for the class including the owner and his wife. They also had field supervisors involved in the class getting a better understanding and appreciation of the installation process." 

Sponsors for the training include QEP who supplied the wood product for the training. Roberts provided tools. Taylor Adhesives supplied all of the adhesive products. 

"We love that CFI offers training in hardwood, laminate and LVP as well as carpet," said Leslie Del Pozo, vice presient marketing communications, QEP. "Installers today need to have knowledge about all types of flooring installations and Roberts is here to support that training. We applaud the dedication of everyone involved, the trainers, the students and everyone who supports CFI."

The next CFI training to be held at the Pruitt Flooring facility is the 5-Week Residential I Carpet Training. It will run May 1 through June 2.

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