To help retailers and consumers better understand the benefits of the new COREtec Scratchless mineral core flooring, the brand put the flooring to the test in a real-life residential setting. 

Online influencer Kelli Bateman (@myhouseof8) worked with flooring retailer Great Floors in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, to have COREtec Scratchless, Shaw Industries' premium vinyl brand, installed in her busy home with pets and six kids.

“COREtec is being strategic and data-driven at every step to ensure success for our retail partners and satisfaction for the consumer,” said Nicki Rayburn COREtec’s marketing leader. “We’re listening to and learning from homeowners like Kelli while working with retail partners like Great Floors to create a better flooring experience – from product storytelling and shopping to installation and, finally, living on our floors with their families.” 

The brand reports that compreCT Influencer .pngKelli Bateman (@myhouseof8).hensive consumer testing and research is a critical component of new product launches. This partnership has three primary goals: 1) to inform retailers and consumers by serving as a case study in proving the product’s bold performance claims, 2) to highlight the premium experience homeowners receive when working with their local, specialty flooring retailer, and 3) to influence consumers via social media.

Shaw’s consumer research shows that scratch resistance is a top motivator in hard surface flooring purchases. Representatives for the brand attest that Bateman’s unscripted coverage of her family’s experience will empower retailers to make informed decisions about which products they should invest in to meet their customers’ needs and grow their business. The brand added that no floor is scratchproof and recommended that retailers refer to the product warranty for details on scratch coverage.

Retailers can follow @myhouseof8 on Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok to see the Bateman family’s Scratchless journey and witness the product in action. And stay tuned for more details next month on free marketing assets available to retailers via ShawNow.

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