Tec's TotalFlex mortar line is the first universal polymer-modified mortar with ultra-long open time – up to 60 minutes – which is 2.5 times longer than typical mortars. TotalFlex mortars also feature maximum application versatility and exceed important ANSI A118 standards.  

Available through a wide network of wholesale distributors and retailers, TotalFlex mortars were developed to improve installation efficiency, quality and speed.

TotalFlex mortars also offer unique features, such as ultra-versatility which allow installers to complete 99% of applications with one product on the jobsite, for use with LHT and gauged porcelain to mosaic and glass to exterior façades and in-floor heating. Additionally, TotalFlex 150 exceeds both ANSI A118.15HTE and A118.11 standards, and TotalFlex 110 exceeds both ANSI A118.11, and A118.4HTE standards.    

Additional benefits include exceptional non-sag for wall installations and non-slump for floor installations, and can be used with interior, exterior, and submerged applications. TotalFlex mortars are super easy to trowel because of thixotropic (shear thinning) properties which means less physical work for tile contractors along with a reduced bag weight of 32 lbs. for easier jobsite handling.