Fishman Flooring Solutions, a distributor of flooring and flooring installation supplies, has named Mapei its 2023 Vendor of the Year. The award was presented at Fishman’s annual meeting, which was held January 16-17, 2024 in Baltimore Maryland.

“Consistent support from our vendors is critical to the successful operation of Fishman’s business,” said Greg Vale, Fishman vice president of sales and marketing. “Last year, Mapei distinguished itself in terms of supporting our business managers and our branches with their industry leading products and that is why they were recognized with the 2023 Vendor of the Year award.”

Fishman also recognized John Spires of Tarkett and Zane Bennett of Mapei as 2023 Vendor Reps of the Year for their outstanding service and support of Fishman across all 40 of its branches. The award is voted on annually by Fishman’s business managers.

Among the highlights of the annual meeting were presentations by Tarket and Maxxon on increasing market share and a Vendor Showcase, where some of Fishman’s top vendors shared information about their products with 83 members of Fishman’s sales team and others in the firm. The vendors making Vendor Showcase presentations included Ardex, Futura, Mapei, Powerhold, Taylor Adhesives, Traxx, and US Mills. They were among the 39 vendor firms displaying their products at the event. In addition, 91 individual vendor representatives were present at the event to share information regarding their products.