Bart Rogers

Jeremy Whipple

In a move that the company says will benefit its customers, Roppe Holding Co., the parent company of resilient maker Roppe Corp., has moved Flexco's sales and marketing department in Tuscumbia, Ala., to Roppe's headquarters in Fostoria, Ohio. "The decision to relocate will further enhance Roppe Holding Co.'s dedication to the future of both of its major brands," said Don Gillett, president and CEO of Roppe Holding, in a statement.

To lead the new team, Roppe has tapped Bart Rogers and Jeremy Whipple. Rogers, who previously held positions as Roppe's Southeastern regional manager and director of sales, has been named Roppe Holding Co. director of sales. In this position, he will be responsible for all phases of Roppe and Flexco distribution sales.

Whipple, who was previously in Roppe's marketing department, has been promoted to Roppe Holding Co. marketing manager. He will oversee all marketing activities for the two brands of commercial rubber and vinyl flooring, wall base and accessories.