Updates to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification's S100 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning are ready for IICRC peer review and the American National Standards Institute public review process. The S100, first published in 2002, aims to establish minimum standards for professional on-location cleaning of installed textile floor coverings.  

“We need the cleaning and restoration industry’s involvement in reviewing the updated S100 Standard and Reference Guide,” said Doug Bradford, co-chair of the S100 Committee. “All comments will be considered... We track each one, how the committee decided to use it or the reason for not using the comment. This information is then sent back to the reviewer.”

Reviewers will have 60 days to read and comment on the S100 Standard and Reference Guide. A copy of the S100 is available to reviewers, along with a format for comments. Visitwww.iicrc.org/s100publicreview.htmlfor more information and to register as a reviewer.

The IICRC Standards Committee began to update and fully review the guide in 2007, a process that lasted almost two years. It was then sent to an editing committee and reviewed by a legal team. The final IICRC S100 document is scheduled for completion by early 2010.