Capel Rugs says it has restructured its sales territories as part of an ongoing program to make the company “more responsive to the marketplace.”

Effective as of April 1, 2010, the company's dealers are now assigned by state to regional sales managers. "In order to meet the needs of an evolving marketplace Capel has restructured its sales force with dedicated company employees in a flexible plan that still meets the needs of our dealer channel," said Capel Rugs's sales vp Allen Robertson.

"Utilizing Capel employees will improve the level of service to our customers," said Robertson of the new full-time sales team.

Andrew Buchheit, Vickie Carder, Gil Flores, Laura Freitag, Jim McNally, Tom Perraud and Jake Sweeters now each oversee a designated geographic location. The new structure will allow Capel Rugs to focus more on maintaining and developing relationships with its customers and meaningful dialog with its dealers.

"Buyers have come to know Capel for its quality craftsmanship and come back year after year for our distinctive new designs and supportive service," said Robertson.