Long in the vanguard of eco-aware flooring underlayment manufacturers, MP Global Products is an innovative developer of high performance sustainable fiber acoustic underlayment.

All MP Global Products fiber underlayments, including QuietWalk®, Fiberbacker®,  Insulayment® and Quiet Warmth®, feature the best combination of innovative technology and eco-friendly practices and are manufactured for high performance with the environment in mind. Composed entirely or almost entirely of recycled fibers, the environmentally friendly products deaden sound very effectively while also addressing moisture protection and providing other benefits of quality underlayment.

MP Global Products fiber underlayments utilize a patented high temperature manufacturing process that kills any potential bacteria or fungus and adds an EPA-registered antimicrobial to inhibit mold or mildew growth. All the fiber underlayment products are odorless and free of any volatile organic compounds. And that is just the beginning. Other performance enhancing benefits abound. For example, QuietWalk®, which is engineered to insulate laminate and floating wood floors, smoothes out little subfloor imperfections while quieting impact sound and floor to ceiling noise and adding an (energy-saving) R-Value of .50 to the floor system.  

Each month, MP Global Products uses and therefore diverts from the waste stream approximately 760 tons of fibers that otherwise would have gone into landfills.

Most of the company products are third party certified by Scientific Certification System (SCS) for their high content of recycled content and have earned the SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certification, which evaluates products for VOCs and requires the highest level of indoor performance for clean air.  

MP Global Products’ Insulayment®, designed especially for glue-down and engineered wood floors, and MP Global Products’ Fiberbacker®, for beneath tile, stone and porcelain floors, are certified to contain 100% post-industrial/pre-consumer fibers and are LEED compliant and will contribute to credits in the category of Materials and Resources.

QuietWalk®, a premium underlayment developed especially to absorb sound under laminate and floating wood floors, contains 95% post-industrial/pre-consumer fibers. The absorbing action of the synthetic fibers, together with the special attached vapor barrier, minimizes potential for microbial growth and protects the floors from damage.

And QuietWarmth®, MP Global Products’ radiant heat underlayment for laminate, wood and ceramic flooring, is made from at least 77% post-industrial/pre-consumer fibers.

To learn more about MP Global Products, including QuietWalk®, Insulayment®, QuietWarmth® and FiberBacker®, and how they satisfy demanding owner and builder requirements, green and otherwise, please visit www.quietwalk.com.- Jack Boesch, Director of Marketing, MP Global Products LLC