High-Performance USG Products Help Customers Conquer Flooring Installation Challenges
Committed to providing building professionals in the tile and flooring industry high-performance product solutions, the USG portfolio of backerboards, underlayments and membranes is versatile, easy to install and provides the strength beneath the surface customers know they can trust. USG leading-edge products – including Fiberock® tile backerboard/underlayment, Durock® cement board Next Gen and Durock™ Tile Membrane – help our customers work efficiently and solve everyday installation challenges without compromising quality work or attention to detail.

Fiberock Tile Backerboard Helps Reduce Time and Effort
A unique, fiber-reinforced gypsum product, Fiberock tile backerboard/underlayment represents a new era in substrate performance for wet or dry areas. This durable panel offers superior performance and tile bond in addition to an integral water-resistant core. The panel also scores easily and snaps with minimal effort, decreasing the time and effort typically required for underlayment installation. In fact, CFI (International Certified Floor Covering Installer Association) awarded Fiberock underlayment the “Installer Friendly” seal.

Unlike traditional water-resistant gypsum board, Fiberock tile backerboard/underlayment derives both strength and water resistance from its uniform composition. Made of a high performance engineered gypsum/cellulose-fiber combination, it is strong, and water and mold resistant, scoring a 10, the highest possible rating on ASTM D 3273. With no face layer to delaminate, tear or scratch, it maintains its integrity, even when wet.

The backerboard can be finished with any tile or paint, offering flexibility and options for installers.

Lightweight Durock Cement Board Next Gen Installs Quickly and Cleanly
The next generation of Durock cement board features advanced USG cement technology that reduces the board’s weight by up to 25 percent, making it the lightest cement board available today. This backerboard also incorporates a water-resistant core for outstanding resistance to moisture and mold.

According to a 2007 comprehensive market research study conducted by Ducker Worldwide, the Durock cement board Next Gen installs 20 percent faster due to its easier scoring, snapping and fastening, significantly decreasing the time typically required for installation. Additionally, because the board is easier to cut, it generates less dust, mess and waste than other cement boards on the market.

Durock Tile Membrane Offers Ease of Use While Ensuring Panel-Like Performance
USG Durock Tile Membrane is a lightweight, easy-to-use alternative to traditional backerboard. With its cementitious coating on one side, the membrane provides excellent adhesion for ceramic tile and ensures panel-like performance without added weight. Durock Tile Membrane is waterproof to help protect wood subfloors from water damage and is vapor permeable to ensure moisture escape for mold and moisture protection.

When installed with Durock Tile Membrane Adhesive, Durock Tile Membrane creates a crack-isolation system that prevents minor cracks in the substrate from proliferating through to tile or grout.  

For additional information on these products, call (800) USG-4YOU or visit www.usg.com/tileandflooring.