Wools of New Zealand is partnering with several leading wool spinners and dyers in North America: Capelsie Mills, Lemieux Spinning, Skein Dyed Services and Southern Yarns.

Globally, Wools of New Zealand has 102 mill partners and 15 spinner and dyer partners. These partners agree to purchase wool through Wools of New Zealand’s supply chain and maintain the integrity of Laneve brand wool, which is traceable back to the source. Laneve wool comes from partner farms that meet accredited standards for sustainability, land management and animal welfare.

Capelsie Mills is the yarn spinning division for Capel Rugs in Troy, N.C. “We have been custom spinning carpet yarns specifically for our braided rugs in this division for over 60 years,” said Richard Capel, director of manufacturing. “We receive the fiber from New Zealand (which comes in bales) and custom spin it to the size and twist our customers request with very short lead times. We are very hopeful that the Wools of New Zealand Laneve brand will open new markets for us.”

Lemieux Spinning is ready to handle quantities from 500 to 10,000 lbs of wool, making it a great niche spinner for high-end manufacturers, according to Serge Lemieux, president of the Quebec-based spinning and dyeing operation. “Being a Wools of New Zealand partner in the Laneve brand will bring us business from mills that want to develop Laneve products. We have already gotten an order from a new customer,” Lemieux states. “Laneve wool is brought in by the order and we keep careful track of it from receipt to shipping. We can spin it into whatever type of yarn is desired by the mill.”

Southern Yarn Dyers, based in Cartersville, Ga., offers custom dyeing for high fashion products. Southern Yarn Dyers buys wool that has been spun and maintains an inventory for its mill customers, explains John Whittenburg, company president. “Our customers bring us their color lines and we dye according to their instructions,” Whittenburg noted.

Skein Dyeing Services, based in Dalton, Ga., provides custom dyeing for lots as small as 5 lbs. to as large as 3,000 lbs. “Partnering with Wools of New Zealand and dyeing its Laneve yarn means we can give our customers the very best,” said Perry Elrod, executive vice president of Skein Dyeing Services.