Mohawk was a key part of the recently held Family Circle Cup Women’s Tennis Tournament in Charleston and Daniel Island, SC.

Designer Taniya Nayak (center) poses with tennis pros Chanelle Scheepers (L) and Jelena Jankovic before their match.

Mohawk was a key part of the Family Circle Cup Women’s Tennis Tournament recently held in Charleston and Daniel Island, SC. The Family Circle Cup attracted more than 90,000 people to watch many of the world’s best players put on an exciting show.

A video recap is available Mohawk was also visible throughout the event, serving up a variety of flooring solutions, including red carpet for players and spectators, laminate flooring for the Grand Lawn Bar and the coffee and ice cream shoppe, plus numerous demonstrations of the “stain resistance, durability, and style of SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona carpet,” the company noted.

Designer Taniya Nayak, Mohawk spokesperson and star of HGTV’s “Designed to Sell,” mixed drinks like “Magic Carpet Cosmos” and “SmartStrand Sangrias” during a special “Girls Night Out” event, which gave spectators the chance to test SmartStrand Sorona’s stain resistance and styling for themselves. Nayak and other area designers who crafted the VIP corporate suites provided design and décor tips to the audience.

“Style was a key theme in our involvement for this year’s Family Circle Cup event,” said David Duncan, Vice President of Marketing. “We’ve worked hard to convey the superior stain resistance and durability attributes of SmartStrand Sorona over the past couple of years, and it’s paid off very well for our retailers. Now we’re helping customers showcase the tremendous styling opportunities available with SmartStrand Sorona. The Family Circle Cup was the perfect stage for starting the design conversation.”