Durkan, the hospitality brand of The Mohawk Group, has unveiled its new Spectronics 25X digital printing technology. The technology employs a state-of-the-art 25 dpi system, which uses computer controlled, high-speed valves to achieve deep color penetration and elaborate design precision, according to the company.

“Durkan has continued to invest in the very latest technologies, even during difficult economic conditions,” said Lee Blair, SVP, Global Head of Hospitality, Mohawk Industries. “Our ability and commitment to making these cutting-edge capital investments ... further strengthens Durkan’s position as the hospitality market leader.”

The new Spectronics 25X system offers a 56 percent higher resolution than what was available on previous machines. The innovation also delivers 625 pixels, which is a significant increase over the old system’s 256 pixels. It can utilize up to 12 colors, and each color has a 1,280 jet capacity, the company noted.

“We understand that color, styling and design determine the entire look and feel of a space,” explained Blair. “Because of its superior resolution, the Spectronics 25X system is capable of reproducing incredibly sophisticated patterns with unmatched clarity. This allows us to offer our customers new levels in design.”

Blair says the Spectronics 25X system has been in place since late 2011, and Durkan has already produced several new collections that take full advantage of the technology. The Spectronics 25X machines are also faster, resulting in greater efficiency and less waste, Blair added.

To learn more about Durkan’s Spectronics 25X system, visitwww.durkan.com.