Coswick Hardwood has launched a new product review feature on the company website. The new module was introduced in order to create a channel for customer feedback, which would help home buyers and consumers to choose the right flooring product for their needs based on experiences of other customers. In addition to the social component, customer reviews will also be used by Coswick designers and engineers in order to improve existing products.

Coswick website visitors can leave and access existing reviews for entire flooring collections, individual products, flooring colors, species, construction technologies, as well as finish types and plank widths. Products are rated on their appearance, durability, ease of maintenance, as well as receive an overall rating.

In order to leave a review, just browse to the page of the product in question and follow “leave a review” link.

“The new review feature is meant to give our customers a voice, it’s a venue through which they can communicate their experience with the product to us, as well as to other consumers,” said Olya Ianovskaia, Marketing Manager at Coswick Hardwood Inc. “Not only is it extremely helpful to new buyers, it is also highly valuable for Coswick, as honest customer feedback allows us to know what we are doing right, and points out potential problem areas that need to be addressed.”

“All in all, the review feature will aid homeowners in their decision-making process, and help Coswick in perfecting its range of flooring.”

With the newly-launched review module, Coswick also hopes to study customer likes and preferences and use that knowledge when designing new flooring products.