CEVISAMA, the International Ceramic Tile Fair, recently took place from February 5-8 at the Feria Valencia center in Spain. Despite current economic conditions, the Spanish tile industry is vibrant and sales are on the rise for a second year. Spain has grown its tile exports, further solidifying their leadership position at the forefront of technology and design. As a result, CEVISAMA's nearly 700 exhibitors attract more international visitors than any other trade fair in Spain.

Topline Figures from Spain's Ceramic Tile Industry in 2012
Spain's ceramic tile sector exports grew by 10%. Spain is the second largest exporter of ceramic tiles in Europe, and the third in the world. It is estimated that total sales by the Spanish ceramic tile industry will have hit $3.4 million by the end of 2012, equating to a 2% increase versus the previous year.

Distinctively Unique - Strategic Marketing Campaign
Tile of Spain launched a strategic marketing initiative under the bold statement: "Distinctively Unique." The approach embodies the idea of the singularity of Spanish ceramic tile products, associating them with values such as personalization, versatility, design and innovation. Choosing Spanish ceramic tiles means opting for distinction and quality, which combines tradition and modernity.

Key Trends/New Products Featured
The following provides a brief overview of some of the key trends and new products featured at CEVISAMA:

1. Reclaimed Wood:  Spanish tile makers have once again pushed the envelope on wood looks evolving the trend into reclaimed wood territory. Tile provides nature's weather worn appearance with the durability to keep it that way indefinitely. Bright colors and graffiti styles also have been integrated - transitioning the look from a warm Maine boat slip to something completely unique and trendsetting. For examples/images:
Aparici Sonar tile
TAU Graffiti: http://smu.gs/Ygcqkz

APARICI SONAR: http://smu.gs/15f5JEI

2.   Precious Metals: Gold, silver and copper are weaving their way into tile design in a more sophisticated tone and with impressive technologies for mirrored effects and on-the-floor durability. Not only a "shout out" for the wealthy, precious metals are being used in luxury commercial settings and in master baths as an elegant focal point. For examples/images:

LaPlatera Star
Ceracasa Absolute: http://smu.gs/15fBkpP

La Platera Star: http://smu.gs/YgPNwn

3.   Vintage is the new Black: Vintage patterns express the ultimate in personalization. Adding centuries of patina through the art of ink jet or modernizing a traditional look with today's gray and black palettes. For examples/images:
Vives Tassel
Vives Tassel: http://smu.gs/YgvLCg

Peronda Hidraulico: http://smu.gs/YgBxDX

Natucer Kubik: http://smu.gs/15fqdNB

4. Technology Advances: Spain 's, thin tile can be used in large format countertops, building facades or even ceramic induction cook tops to custom tile murals and lifelike digital photography. For examples/images:
Porcelanosa custom mural
Porcelanosa Custom Mural: http://smu.gs/YgWbUg

Levantina TechLam Countertops: http://smu.gs/15fGMJl

5.   Mix and Match: Mix and match styles were prevalent around the show. Manufacturers mixing patterns and finishes to achieve unique personalized looks for each project or client. Popular were stone looks in tile with a rough-hewn finish as if it was fresh cut from a quarry matched with natural or semi polished finishes. Patterns that took their inspiration from fashion textiles were mixed together as were vintage tiles or photo tiles. No one room is the same "out of the box" as every order is original - customized by design. For examples/images:
Pamesa Davos Black tile
Pamesa Davos: http://smu.gs/YgZAT4

Mainzu Bolonia: http://smu.gs/15fJ8Yz

Tile of Spain Awards
This year marked the eleventh edition of the Tile of Spain Awards. Both the prestige of its successive juries and the quality of the prize-winning projects have made these Awards a reference point on the international architectural circuit. To view the projects that won - download of images, plans and descriptions at www.dossierpremiosceramica.com. All of the information on the prize awards is online at www.premiosceramica.com.

For the ninth year running the fair featured the TRANS/HITOS Architecture and Interior Design in Ceramic exhibit. The 2013 display, subtitled Geometries, demonstrated how ceramic tiles give rise to geometric spaces. In addition to showcasing the new possibilities offered by the latest technological advances, TRANS/HITOS also provided a backdrop for projects and ideas from architects, designers and habitat professionals for whom ceramic tiles are an effective means of guaranteeing quality, efficiency and beauty.

Internationally renowned architects, designers and interior designers have been involved in CEVISAMA's Architecture and Design Forum since its inception. Over a three-day period the Forum turned the spotlight on experiences and projects centered on the use of ceramic tiles.