LATICRETE featured a collection of mosaicists to showcase their tile designs at Surfaces 2013 at The Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. These unique creations were displayed right at the LATICRETE exhibit during the exposition in what was aptly described as "a mosaic art gallery."

"All of these designers were very familiar with using LATICRETE SPECTRALOCK Grout and its unique design component, LATICRETE SPECTRALOCK DAZZLE," stated Ryan Blair, LATICRETE Channel Manager. "The response was amazing. Numerous people actually inquired about buying these masterpiece-quality art pieces. Customers were astonished how SPECTRALOCK and Dazzle brought these designs to life. They stopped in their tracks to take in these unique pieces of art. Sometimes, we don't even grasp the extreme design capabilities of our products… until wildly creative people such as these mosaic artists let their imagines go full out."

One design in particular, by Grace Blowers of Amazing Grace Mosaics in Loveland, Colorado, portrayed a flying magic carpet. "She was able to show three-dimensional waves and motion which depicted flight in an incredible way," commented Blair. "And, if you look closely, you'll see how SPECTRALOCK DAZZLE adds life and brings out the extraordinary visuals even more."

The at-show "Mosaic Art Gallery" theme was implemented to highlight the tenth anniversary of LATICRETE SPECTRALOCK Grout.  According to Jonathan Scott, LATICRETE Product Manager, "SPECTRALOCK was a revolutionary product when it was first launched a decade ago. It offered all of the benefits of an epoxy grout such as superior stain resistance, non-fading colors and incredible durability. Yet, it installed with the ease of tried-and-tested Portland Cement grouting products.”

LATICRETE SPECTRALOCK DAZZLE is a unique design component that adds metallic and "glow-in-the-dark" enhancements to LATICRETE SPECTRALOCK.