HomerWood has launched a series of workshops created to enhance the skill set of its partner sales teams. Focusing on Consultative Selling and Presentation Skills and using HomerWood as the model, the program is designed to create, build and lead dynamic sales and support organizations and enhance the overall sales power of its distribution partners.

The first workshop was held at the corporate headquarters of the B.R. Funsten and Tom Duffy Company in Manteca, California.  Fifteen B.R Funsten/Tom Duffy participants, including management, sales, customer service, marketing and administration personnel, as well as five HomerWood representatives, took part.

“HomerWood has a unique and compelling value proposition that is valid all the way through the channel. Coupled with our unmatched product features and benefits, HomerWood provides a significant opportunity for profitable, hassle-free sales for all stakeholders, and represents real value for the consumer,” said Paul Walker, general manager, HomerWood. “In promoting and selling HomerWood, our sales partners need to effectively tell our story and convey our value message to retail and this program has been created and designed to support this. When a flooring retailer is effectively presented with all that HomerWood offers to their business, we get 100% buy-in.”

Sales Presentation Training is Fundamental to Successful Selling

“HomerWood’s history and product offering is unique, and communicating this ‘story’ to HomerWood retailers improves selling opportunities,” said Donna M. Lagano,  VP Marketing, BR Funsten & Tom Duffy Company. “The training conducted with our sales staff taught them how to present the information in an organized, professional manner. Our staff has applied the training methods and already is seeing success at the retail level.”

The Roseth Burrell Group conducted the workshop which focused on presentation skills and knowledge of HomerWood Premium Hardwood Flooring products. The training encouraged team participation and active role play with positive results for all levels of sales experience.

Recognized for quality, integrity and service, HomerWood brings prestige to the retail showroom and security to the consumer. “HomerWood offers the most complete range of style and color options in the industry – and attracts a higher percentage of consumers shopping for hardwood,” said Walker. “We use the highest quality raw materials, crafted into authentic hardwood floors by expert hands; that mean hassle free sales and zero call backs.” 

For information on products or sales training workshops, call HomerWood Premium Hardwood Flooring at 1-814-827-3855 or log onto www.homerwood.com.  For information on B.R. Funsten, visit www.brfunsten.com.