Quick-Step’s new “Long Live Style” marketing campaign was launched at Surfaces 2013 and is being described by retailers and distributors as one of the brand’s most effective messaging tools to date.

“Quick-Step always has some of the very best merchandising in our retailers’ stores,” said Rich Kearsley, vice president of Elias Wilf, Quick-Step’s distributor partner. “Quick-Step’s new ‘Long Live Style’ messaging is doing a great job of helping retailer sales reps engagingly tell their customers about Quick-Step’s dual selling story of beauty and livability — and this helps make sales!”

“Our new ‘Long Live Style’ campaign is hitting a homerun in effectively communicating how Quick-Step’s fashion-driven product line offers the richest, most sophisticated premium looks available.

in tandem with extreme durability and low maintenance,” said Paij Thorn-Brook, senior director of marketing for Unilin, Quick-Step’s parent company. “Our new Long Live Style messaging and imagery are giving in-store sales reps helpful talking points, while at the same time, effectively speaking directly to those in-store shoppers who want to shop alone, without retail sales team assistance.”

How Quick-Step Creatively Communicates “Long Live Style” Throughout 2013 Merchandising

“In our 2013 merchandising, we are creatively using situations from everyday life via photography, video, and augmented reality to effectively communicate the beauty of our Quick-Step floors as well as their superior performance features,” said Thorn-Brooks.

Quick-Step’s key performance features such as extreme resistance to dents, stains, fading, wear, dulling, water, and scratching are represented in the brand’s 2013 merchandising in a way that relates to the reality of consumers’ every day lives. For example, everyday items such as a child’s red wagon, high heels, markers, or a glass of red wine are creatively used to illustrate the wear, dent, stain, and water resistance of Quick-Step floors.

“Our messaging speaks the consumers’ language, effectively communicating how children’s toys, household traffic, everyday spills, and mishaps are no match for beautiful, stylish Quick-Step floors,” said Thorn-Brooks. “The images are eye-catching and relatable, while the messaging is both clever and meaningful.”

The 2013 “Long Live Style” campaign is woven through all aspects of Quick-Step merchandising: POP, product displays, web, catalogs, printed take-with pieces, retail events, social media, advertising, and media relations. 

“Our effective use of the new Long Live Style messaging is just one more way in which we equip our Quick-Step retailers for success, by taking a superior product line and wrapping it in a comprehensive merchandising program,” said Thorn-Brooks.