The Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA), will host a webinar on Thursday, Feb. 20 at 11:00 a.m. EST. Presented by Pierre Hebert of MAPEI, the program "Say Hello to ISO 13007- Tile and Stone Installation Products that Best Fit the Application" will explain the approach used in the ISO 13007 standard by clarifying how setting materials and grouts are categorized, as well as, the different performance characteristics for each.

In today’s advanced and often complex tile and stone installations, ISO 13007 test methods help provide added value by identifying and establishing mandatory performance characteristics for tile and stone adhesives and grouts. Given that the performance characteristics of mortars and grouts have significantly evolved in recent decades, ISO 13007 standards serve to classify these characteristics, which are critical for choosing the right product for the right application.  When there is a clear distinction in performance amongst adhesives and grouts, everyone benefits.

Pierre Hebert is the Manager of Technical Services and has serviced MAPEI clients for over 24 years.  He is on the executive board of the Montreal chapter of CSC (Construction Specification Canada- equivalent to AIA in the US) and on the Guide Specification Committee, the Concrete Repair and Methods Committee, and the Moisture Related Issues with Concrete Floor Finishes sub-committee of the ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute).  He is also a member of the TTMAC (Terrazzo, Tile, Marble Association of Canada) on which he participates on the Technical Research and Specifications Committee, the Inspection Committee, and is the Director of the Supplier Division-Eastern Region.  Pierre is one of the co-authors of a Position Document about moisture and floor coverings by the FQRS and has authored numerous articles and conference presentations on challenges in the floor covering industry. 

We are excited to announce that this webinar is an AIA (American Institute of Architects) Approved CES (Continuing Education System) webinar. The AIA CES mission is to support AIA members in mastering new knowledge and skills to meet the profession’s changing requirements of the profession and to responsibly meet the role that society entrusts to architects.  For this process you may register at the below referenced link.  It is imperative if you are an AIA member to include your member ID so that we may document your CES credits.

Register today at  Registration deadline will be February 19, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. EST.