Surya is introducing at Atlanta Market the latest in a series of retail-focused display solutions. The Design Gallery, which is on view in Surya’s AmericasMart showroom– 11-A-1– through Jan. 13, has been created to give furniture retailers and designers an attractive, space-conscious way to showcase multiple Surya rugs within their retail space, according to the company. 

Available in two configurations, the Design Gallery comes fully stocked with up to 180 unique 18-inch corner samples, each of which includes a cord list of available sizes. A warm wood finish and modern, clean-lined design invite responding room scene, additional colorways and/or shapes, and list of available sizes. A warm wood finish and modern, clean-lined design invite customers to approach and interact with the display. 

The first option features angled swivel arms for convenient viewing of up to 66 rug samples. Retailers and designers can choose any combination of 18-inch samples from Surya’s more than 5,500 rug designs. A second option accommodates up to 180 samples that can easily be slid along rods for quick access. Both options include a choice of black or white hangers. Additionally, existing samples can be switched out for new samples at any time for only the cost of freight, providing ultimate design flexibility.

“Strategic placement of displays in a store or showroom can increase customer engagement during the purchasing process, helping to drive sales and maximize profitability per square foot,” said Satya Tiwari, president of Surya. “The Design Gallery offers a great way to showcase multiple rug styles, colors and constructions while also making it easier for sales associates and designers to help their customers find the ideal rug to meet their decor needs.”

The versatile new display can be placed along a wall, used as a divider within a retail space or serve as a backdrop for a vignette. The back side of the Design Gallery includes colorful lifestyle imagery, or retailers can opt to display full-sized rugs using convenient built-in grooves. 

Market attendees also invited to view the innovative display solution from Jan. 18-22 at Surya’s Las Vegas showroom (WMC C400).

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