Mohawk Group has become part of a growing list of “Visionary” sponsors of the Health Product Declaration (HPD) Collaborative. 

The HPD Collaborative is a customer-led organization committed to the continuous improvement of the building industry’s performance through transparency, openness and innovation in the product supply chain. In addition, the Health Product Declaration Collaborative created and supports the HPD, an impartial tool for the reporting of product contents and each ingredient’s relationship to the bigger picture of human and ecological health.

“As a member of the HPD Collaborative manufacturer’s advisory panel for the past year, I have watched the Collaborative empower companies from around the country to be highly engaged in the transparency process,” said Rochelle Routman, director of sustainability for Mohawk. “Mohawk is fully committed to product disclosure, and we believe that the HPD process will encourage the development of more innovative green building products that will result in healthier indoor environments. The benefits of transparency are all around us. We saw a similar transformation in the marketplace with food labeling in the 1990s, and the building products industry is headed in this same direction.”
Mohawk Group has initiatives related to transparency and healthy interiors. The company has a varied selection of products that have HPDs as well as EPDs and Declare Labels. Currently, Mohawk also has available over 300 Declare red list free flooring products. Routman said, along with Mohawk’s Declare Label products, HPDs are essential for helping architects, designers and end users make the right choice when specifying healthy products for the built environment.
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has also incorporated Health Product Declarations into LEED V4, its most recent version of the popular LEED standard. The company’s decision to become a “Visionary” supporter is directly related to the alignment of these organizations’ philosophy on transparency and healthy products.
“We’ve seen first-hand the past year how serious Mohawk is about transparency and disclosure through their leadership in our manufacturer's advisory panel, and their sponsorship of the HPD Collaborative at the highest level sends an important company and industry signal,” said John Knott, Jr., executive director of the HPD Collaborative. “Mohawk’s contribution to our efforts is also increasingly important as we participate in harmonization efforts to create a common disclosure language, streamline the process for manufacturers and continue to provide our HPD for free, all with the shared goal of creating a healthier built environment.”
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