Boa-Franc, manufacturer of Mirage brand products, has responded to recent news reports and coverage regarding CARB 2 certification on other flooring manufacturers which has caused uncertainty in the marketplace.

According to the manufacturer, all Mirage engineered and lock brand products are in full compliance with Phase 2 of CARB 93120 certification and thus meet the California Air Resource Board’s Airborne Toxic Control Measure to Reduce Formaldehyde Emissions.

"Since the start of our company over 31 years ago, the safety of our customers and employees as well as the respect for the environment have been cornerstones of our values," said Pierre Thabet, President of Boa-Franc. "Compliance with the CARB standard is only one step that we take every day. Some examples of our stewardship in sustainability measures are the development of products that meet the LEED indoor environmental quality requirements, implementing ISO standards for quality control, procurement from vendors who practice responsible forestry methods such as the Lacey Act and using waste as a way to generate power for our plants. These are some of the many actions we do daily as part of our environmental responsibility."

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