StaticStop, a division of SelecTech, has introduced FreeStyle ESD Plus—a patented interlocking technology for easy installation according to the company.

ESD Plus tiles come with a polyurethane finish pre-applied, according to Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech. “StaticStop’s FreeStyle ESD Plus, with its polyurethane finish, gives you the benefit of a floor that mitigates the impact of static electricity, looks great and is easy to maintain. And with our interlocking technology, areas of the floor that experience more use can be replaced individually as needed.”

With its interlocking technology, StaticStop’s FreeStyle ESD Plus flooring can be installed with little or no down time.

In addition to being made largely from recycled materials, StaticStop’s FreeStyle ESD Plus is made from mostly recycled materials that are 100% recyclable, according to the company. These materials create a static-controlled environment that’s perfect for industries that significantly utilize electronics and sensitive data like electronics manufacturing, communications, aerospace, biotech, healthcare industries and other high-tech industries.

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