Dal-Tile's sponsorship of both Builder Magazine's Responsive Home and the National Association of Home Builders New American Home projects at the International Builder Show in Las Vegas exhibit the brand’s commitment to helping its customers imagine what’s possible, no matter what stage of life they may be in, according to the company.

As its name suggests, the Responsive Home project was a two-home data-driven design and construction project that allowed builders and designers to create two homes in response to the insights they gained through millennial homebuyer research. The key takeaway from the research is that millennials want to maximize their space in a customizable and personal way, without breaking the budget.

“Millennials are looking for high-design on a first-time buyer’s budget, and Dal-Tile has great products that serve those needs,” said Responsive Home creative director, Bobby Berk.

These kinds of audience insights have allowed Dal-Tile to offer millennial-minded solutions to builders, designers and consumers, according to the company.

Dal-Tile's Exhibition collection was used throughout the larger, more contemporary home, and provides the duality homebuyers are actively seeking. The large-format, grey porcelain tile takes its inspiration from art galleries, providing a rich aesthetic with unparalleled durability at an attainable price for new homeowners.

While the Responsive Home project has allowed Dal-Tile to better understand the needs of the millennials, the New American Home project, now in its 33rd year, gave the tile manufacturer the opportunity to take a deeper dive into more diverse homebuyer profiles.

According to Professional Builder, as buyer profiles diversify, homes must be versatile enough to suit “an empty-nester couple who hosts frequent visitors, to a group of friends who have pooled their savings and gone in on a house together.”

Over 7,300 square-feet of Dal-Tile's Season Wood ColorBody porcelain tile was used across the floors and walls in the New American Home, in lieu of hardwood, for its durability and low-maintenance quality. The ceramic, wood-look tile shows the perfect marriage between classic design, affordability, convenience and durability.

As homeowners have diversified, both Dal-Tile's sponsorships of projects like Responsive Home and The New American Home show that the company is invested in understanding their customers and providing products that help new homeowners imagine what’s possible.

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