Milliken’s newly launched Whale Song collection illustrates the melodic beauty and complexity of the sea’s oldest composers.

“Whale Song reminds us that each environment, whether outdoors or inside, tells a story. We steward these environments by selecting clean materials to create interiors and manufacturing products responsibly to protect the natural world, dovetailing these harmonious concepts to create cohesive spaces,” shared Stacy Walker, director of customer experience for the Milliken floor covering division.

The highly textured, loop and tip shear designs of Whale Song interpret sound patterns created by whale communications and celebrate the environment in which their songs are sung. Stretched and elongated or pixelated to convey greater definition, each of the collection’s four standard patterns, Orca, Narwhal, Humpback and Beluga, offers its own perspective to the floor.

Orca creates a uniquely stimulating yet sophisticated carpet with dense movement that is at once angular and organic.

Narwhal explores the motion of sound, which moves four times faster through water than through air, traveling through the ocean’s expanse. The resulting design is a flowing diagonal that softens movement on the floor while maintaining interest and sophistication. 

Humpback captures the underwater landscape, which is as diverse as that on land. A mixture of pattern scales ebb and flow while balancing positive and negative areas. 

Imagining the effect of sound dissipating through water, Beluga creates a modern solid for the floor. Its textural gradation softens interiors with purposeful, yet quiet movement.

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