Beaulieu announced the launch of Healthy Home, a new brand strategy that emphasizes how Beaulieu’s products contribute to family well-being.

“We are a family-owned business that aims to always exceed our customers’ and partners’ expectations on quality, value and service,” said Tom Ellis, chief marketing officer at Beaulieu America. “Healthy Home was created as a frame of reference to let them know why we do what we do.”

The company decided to put forward all the features, benefits and certifications of its products in a way that addresses what is important to consumers: the well-being of their families. The Healthy Home identity shows that there are attributes built into Beaulieu’s products that contribute to the performance homeowners want in their flooring. For example, Healthy Home carpet products will feature one or more benefits ranging from Beaulieu’s MagicFresh odor eliminator, Silver Release antimicrobials and a range of high-performance fibers like Nyluxe nylon, Ellis said.

“This positioning is a way to tell customers that we know what a privilege it is to be part of their homes and that we take this responsibility very seriously,” Ellis said. “This is why Beaulieu promises to constantly strive to be at the cutting edge of industry’s product certifications and to always lead the way towards wholesome and safe floor products.”

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