Metroflor hosted its Aspecta Summit 2017 commercial sales meeting, attended by over 40 North American distributor-partners and 20 Aspecta/Metroflor employees. The meeting theme “A Clear Vision for the Future of Aspecta” prevailed throughout in-depth small breakout groups, question and answer session, and distributor feedback discussion.

The new Aspecta One Ornamental collection was explored during the meeting. Dryback installation basics, from jobsite inspection and testing through subfloor preparation, were presented by Dave Altman, Metroflor’s director of research and development. A presentation of Metroflor’s proprietary ISOCORE rigid core technology’s performance featured a dent resistance and joint strength demonstration led by Kevin Parker, technical sales manager. A group sales training session with consultant Paul Reilly provided numerous pointers for value added selling.

Biophilic Design and its influence on the evolution of Metroflor’s products was a cornerstone of the meeting, with the debut of Metroflor’s CEU entitled “Biophilic Design and Resilient Flooring.” Defined as the expression of humankind’s innate biological connection with nature in the built environment, Biophilic Design can reduce stress, enhance creativity, improve well-being and expedite healing. The course addresses its elements and benefits and explains how architects and designers can use biophilic patterns to achieve desired results. The course also focuses on resilient flooring styles that correspond to certain biophilic design patterns. Metroflor’s entire commercial sales team has been accredited to present the CEU.

Another key theme was Transparency, with Rochelle Routman, Metroflor’s chief sustainability officer, on hand to provide an overview of the company’s progress: Environmental Data Sheets, Health Product Declarations, and Declare Labels for the entire Aspecta line. Collateral materials were presented to complement the sales process for the audience.

The marquis leisure event, a cocktail reception at the Tennessee Aquarium, brought Metroflor’s Biophilia theme full circle.

“The Aspecta Summit presents a vital opportunity for give and take with our distributor–partners especially when it relates to new product development,” said Paul Eanes, Metroflor vice president of sales. “Their voices are clearly heard and we incorporate their feedback as we evolve our Aspecta offering. Their positive response to the forum’s format, content and overall success was very gratifying.”

Tom McCabe of Mastercraft Flooring Distributors, added, “We all took home valuable information and learning skills. The breakaway meetings in smaller groups made it so much easier to understand new information and gave Metroflor a chance to absorb our needs and findings in the selling market.”

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