As flooring manufacturers innovate with new materials and styles, moldings suppliers are keeping pace with a variety of product offerings that coordinate with today’s latest flooring. We’ve rounded up the latest introductions in transitions and moldings.

Seneca Millwork

Seneca Millwork offers a variety of hardwood transitions to coordinate with today’s flooring—reducers, thresholds, t-moldings, quarter round, stair nosings and treads, and more. The company can finish all its products to match a customer’s specified flooring using our ColorMaster system—ensuring the perfect fit and finish. All the company’s products are made in the USA.

The company says it has noticed a distinct trend in hardwood flooring leaning towards gray tones, darker stains and matte and satin finishes. Hand-textured finishes—such as hand scraped, distressed and wire brushed—are becoming very popular. Seneca Millwork provides hardwood transitions to match these character floors and has 10 different styles of hand-scraping alone. “Reactive stains, fuming, and oil finishes have been trends that we are taking into account as they have been gaining popularity in the marketplace,” said Mark V. Pacacha, national sales manager of Seneca Millwork.

In addition to unique floor visuals, Seneca offers a product for curved applications—SignatureFlex. These transitions are made from a flexible and durable polyurethane material. It can be curved for a stylish look and is more economical than reshaping hardwood transitions. It comes unfinished and should be painted or stained onsite to match the flooring. SignatureFlex can be cut, fitted and fastened in the same manner as real wood, but is water resistant so it may be used outdoors too.

M-D Pro

M-D Pro, the professional distribution channel for M-D Building Products, launched four new profiles in its Cinch weather-strip and floor transition collection that utilizes the 3M VHB adhesive technology. The four profiles—stair edge, T-mold, seam cover and reducer—come in four complementary colors that feature the high-strength self-adhesive tape on the back side. These transitions can be used with luxury vinyl tile and planks, laminate and carpet with no need for fasteners. The company said it can be particularly beneficial when working over concrete substrates.

“Our pro division decided to introduce this line to distributors to offer them an opportunity to sell down to their retailers along with a merchandiser assortment program,” said Julia Vozza, marketing manager of the professional distribution channel.

Artistic Finishes

Artistic Finishes offers products to assist retailers in completing almost any flooring project, including custom blended products that reference manufacturer flooring samples. The company’s system offers more than 150 profiles, 90-plus wood species and 15,000-plus floor types.

The company’s most recent launch is Enduracor, a line of durable, water-resistant and a versatile accessories. The waterproof core is created using a thermoplastic, injection molding process. An adhesive backer promotes water resistance and flexibility while producing a high bond strength that acts as a sealant and ensures a reliable hold to withstand typical daily use. The .4 mm decorative layer can complement virtually any flooring line and blends with thousands of manufacturers’ flooring lines including hardwood, tile, WPC, LVP and LVT. Using nanotechnology and an ultraviolet curing process, the water-resistant finish and top coat encapsulate the flooring accessory to prevent water damage and natural wear and tear.

A track insert provides the installer the option to securely attach the accessory into place with the track system, while allowing for height adjustments and placement consistency. It also offers more surface area for the adhesive to have contact with the accessory and underlayment, ensuring a strong hold to the subfloor.


Versatrim produces moldings in 12 profiles, most of which are available in standard or waterproof versions. Versatrim transitions provide coverage for nearly any flooring thickness. The company says it takes the headache and guesswork out of the equation when it comes to laminate moldings, by providing customers with samples to assist them in selling the product. All moldings are 94” long. The company’s stock inventory offers more than 50 color options. Versatrim also offers custom matching for all industry-standard flooring trims and new LVT/WPC trims. Profiles include SlimTrim, a three-in-one molding with PVC core; VersaEdge Extra Tall, a stair nose with aluminum core; and SlimCap, which is used to transition from vinyl to carpet, masonry, sliding doors and other exterior jambs.


Zamma offers more than 500 colors and styles in moldings. Engineered for compatibility with virtually every flooring manufacturer, Zamma floor components feature easy-install hardware to ensure speedy and secure installation.

Laminate moldings are produced with laminate papers saturated and treated with aluminum oxide layers that give the transition pieces equal or greater abrasion resistance than the floors they border. Moisture-resistant Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and moisture resistant adhesives ensure that the moldings and transitions will have a long wear life.

Wood moldings are made from veneers laminated on both MDF and poplar substrates. Significantly less expensive than solid wood, these moldings also promote environmental responsibility. They are more consistent in color than their solid wood counterparts.