Calhoun, Ga. -- Launched at TISE 2017 as a commitment to help independent retail partners operate more successfully in the changing world of retail, Mohawk continues to enhance Omnify, the omni-channel solution for fully integrated in-store and online marketing.

“We are constantly thinking about what retailers need based on the evolving ways in which consumers shop,” said Seth Arnold, Mohawk’s vice president of residential marketing. “We’ve partnered with leaders in the digital space to provide a best-in-class platform that effectively and easily connects retailers with customers as they learn, compare and purchase.”

Characterized as Simple Connected Retail, Omnify gives retailers the necessary content, tools, and reporting to take their digital marketing presence to new heights with website optimization, lead nurturing, reputation management, social media, and retailer locator applications that are critical to driving traffic to their stores.

“We are in the age of the informed consumer; 94% of consumers decide what products and who to buy from online,” said Arnold. “That’s why Omnify is so important for the health and livelihood of our retailers.”

Adam Pace of Metro Floors in Lancaster, Calif., said, “Omnify modernizes our store and opens up a whole new demographic of customers for us.”

The strategy driving Omnify is centered on providing a seamless purchase journey that makes it easy for consumers to learn, compare, trust and decide to purchase Mohawk products from retail partners.

“The age of single channel retail is over,” said Arnold. “In the past, a retailer’s website was a marketing support for their store. For the future, their store should be a physical support for the digital experience.”

Fred Gaines of Bell’s Carpets & Floors in Raleigh, N.C., added, “Since launching, we’ve seen constant traffic – even after busy times and promotions,” stated. “Our sales people are complaining that they are too busy!”

The platform brings together all the digital applications and activities retailers are managing today across multiple cumbersome destinations. By connecting these activities through Omnify, retailers now have a way to save time, streamline costs and leverage Mohawk’s size to drive results.

In 2018, retailers using Omnify will experience a new command center with an advanced CRM system and better ways to manage content. Additionally, more in depth reporting will analyze what products consumers are interacting with the most online and help retailers build their digital and physical showrooms.

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