Dalton, Ga. -- In 2019, Engineered Floors will launch its “Life’s Moments” campaign, which celebrates the value that carpet brings to everyday life.

“At Engineered Floors, we see our mission as creating the very foundation that we live on,” said Mike Sanderson, vice president of marketing for Engineered Floors. “That foundation must be beautiful, practical, durable and long-lasting and that’s the guiding principle for every floor we make.”

Whether it’s a child discovering her artistic side on stain-resistant Dream Weaver carpet, dance parties in the kitchen on the rigid core product Triumph, or a business scoring the big deal on Pentz Commercial Solutions, a smart, stylish and luxuriously comfortable floor makes those moments truly memorable, according to Engineered Floors.

In 2019, Engineered Floors is adding new ways to experience ‘Life’s Moments’ with new styles such as Bespoke from Pentz.

“This is our new 12x48 in. plank-cut made with Apex SDP fiber,” Sanderson said. “Bespoke’s design creates that favorable first impression and its lifetime warranty against wear, stain, static, colorfastness, tuft bind strength, and delamination keeps on making great impressions.”

Pentz Bespoke will be on display at TISE (booth 1709) and at Domotex USA (booth 711). And attendees can vote on Bespoke for TISE’s “Best of Product.”

For more information, visit www.engineeredfloors.com.