Orlando -- IZEA Worldwide , operator of IZEAx, an online marketplace connecting brands and publishers with influential content creators, announced it will be launching an influencer marketing program to drive awareness of Dream Weaver’s PureColor, Revotec, and Triumph brand products from Engineered Floors.

“Team IZEA is excited to be working with Engineered Floors to raise consumer awareness of their various carpet and engineered waterproof flooring brands through influencer marketing,” said Ted Murphy, founder and CEO of IZEA Worldwide. “We know our influencers will be equally excited by their wide selection of products that offer superior durability and ease of maintenance, including hard surface products that mimic the look of real wood and stone and carpets that are produced using manufacturing innovation and technology that lessens environmental impact.”

IZEA will be executing the program this spring as home improvement season begins. The campaign will focus on home and interior design influencers in the U.S. that can speak to the importance of quality flooring with experience and authority. Participants in the campaign will be using the EF-EYE Visualizer tool to show what a remodel of their floors could look like using augmented reality technology. Influencers will be producing a variety of cross-platform content including multiple blog posts, in-feed Instagram photos and Instagram stories, as well as posts to sharing platforms such as Pinterest.

“Photos and videos posted by social media influencers have an outsized impact on design inspiration and purchase consideration for consumers. People are turning to social media for design ideas more than ever before,” said Emily Scott, marketing communication manager of Engineered Floors. “We are eager to tap into influencer marketing to build a broader awareness and brand recognition for our product line directly with consumers. By driving more people to tools that allow them to make virtual flooring design decisions we believe we can generate more demand for our dealers.”

Influencers who are interested in working with Engineered Floors are encouraged to sign up at IZEA.com and add the tag “EngineeredFloors” to their profile.

For more information, visit www.engineeredfloors.com.